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Why Elope at an Air B&B

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

In today's wedding culture many couples are choosing to elope.


There are many reason's a couple may choose to elope - from the adventure of it all to the desire to do something that involves travel.

Still the main reason is the rising cost of getting married.

Check out The Mountain House at Appalachian Lodge at River's Bend.

One of the newest opportunities in the wedding marketplace is finding an Air B & B that allows events of various kinds and booking the home or lodge for a couple of nights and simply hosting the ceremony and reception at the home or lodge itself.

These Air B & B's will allow you to host your ceremony for a fraction of what you would pay for a venue space though some rules will apply.

Most of these locations do have a cap off as far as your guests count as well as what they offer in house.

Some lodges will have more in house upgrades such as wedding seating, arbor and reception tables.

Appalachian Lodge at River's Bend is a fairly new venue in Western North Carolina featuring amazing views, in house planning, wedding chairs and reception tables as well as accomodations for the happy couple and a few guests.

Whether you are eloping and it is just the two of you and a few family and friends we can assist you in planning something intimate and beautiful.

Contact us today and set up a site tour and let us assist you in planning your tiny wedding. Appalachian Lodge at Rivers Bend would love to assist you in planning the wedding of your dreams.

A special thanks to The Remnant Collective for the beautiful photos....

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